Consulting and Presentations

Beyond CBT: Elizabeth Dear, MFT, LCADC

In topics ranging from compassion fatigue to post traumatic growth and resilience, Ms. Dear offers consultations and presentations. Her presentation style is dynamic and interactive, and she puts people at ease to facilitate their learning and interactions with each other. She believes strongly in the value of collaborative learning, and enjoys tailoring her consultations to […]

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lgbtiq - Beyond CBT: Elizabeth Dear, MFT, LCADC

Being lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay, intersex, or queer (or questioning) brings unique challenges in the often prejudiced and intolerant mainstream American culture. Although in the big picture we need cultural change, many people need help holding onto or exploring their sexual orientation, examining internalized homophobia, managing external discrimination, or negotiating decisions about whether, when, or […]

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Working with Children: Play Therapy

play therapy Beyond CBT: Elizabeth Dear, MFT, LCADC

For children, the primary way to communicate feelings and thoughts is through play. Play therapy allows children to express themselves freely without needing the words for complex and sometimes seemingly contradictory feelings. I primarily work with children who are experiencing loss (death, divorce, chronic illness, moving), who need help recovering from trauma, and who need […]

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trauma Beyond CBT: Elizabeth Dear, MFT, LCADC

Some people think their experiences don’t count as trauma because there was no blunt force or they compare what they went through with what they have heard from others. My belief, which is supported by others in the field of trauma treatment, is that anything that causes significant doubt about one’s view of self or […]

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