supervision - Beyond CBT: Elizabeth Dear, MFT, LCADC

Supervision of Interns

One part of my work that I treasure is supervising interns as they work toward their licenses as Marriage and Family Therapists or Professional Counselors. I welcome different theoretical orientations in my interns, since I trust that therapists need to work within a frame they respect and that fits their values and personalities. (Despite the name of my website, I have worked with interns who use primarily Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and respected those interns’ work tremendously.) In the work of supervision, I emphasize the “Self of the Therapist,” meaning self care and how the impact of helping clients on the individual therapist, as well as the work with clients because countertransference and avoiding burnout are important elements of doing good therapeutic work. I also emphasize the relationship between therapist and client, which much research shows as the most critical factor in therapeutic outcome. With most of my interns, I meet in group supervision with Dr. Chuck Holt, MFT, LCADC, and meet individually as well. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me before you graduate so we can meet to see if it seems a good match and you can be in line for the next open spot if you would like to work with me.